Sunday, January 25, 2015

LUNA School 100% free to use:
We have 2 nice and big Classrooms open to all who want
to teach anything goes :D
so make sure to check the Schedules on the Classroom 1 & 2 ( Se it on the side Bar )
we might just have what u need coming :)

if not then contact a Sim Host and let us now what u would like to learn :)

if u are a total “SL noob” we will have Class for “SL Noobs” to :D

if u want to have a Class on ? or a Reading / event :)
Contact 1 off the Sim Managers or
me (: LULU (: lulu6kat :)  or Sim Host

and please send a Notecard whit your user name and  introduce ur thing/idea/lecture/event/Reading :D to Me (: LULU (: lulu6kat :)

LUNA School Main Hall: MAP LM:
LUNA School Classroom 1: MAP LM:
 `*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´

        We Would like to invite you to become a part of our Community :D
`*•.¸♥ SL Harbor La Luna Bay City ♥¸.•*´

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